Thursday, April 14, 2011

JPA interview~ is just come back from JPA interview yesterday.

Quite a great and terrible thing to experienced such an important interview for myself. order to get JPA scholarship,,which was applied by almost 9000++ great students from all over Malaysia, we needed to be interviewed first at INTEC, UiTM for an hour which held to select 1,500 qualified candidates only . It's very competitive and tough to get the scholarship, right? So, I kept thinking that the INTEC students who just passes by when I was there is really3 excellent then. I hope that I'll be like them three months later.

the letter

One day before the interview day, I went to my uncle's house in Kuala Lumpur as it would be better if we managed to get to INTEC earlier from KL. Well, the day started earlier as I woke up at 5 a.m.. Maybe it's because the feel of being 'cuak' was struggled inside of me. Then,, after finished everything, we drove off to shah alam. Mine was on 11.55 a.m, so there's one and half hour left as we able to reach there on 10.25 a.m. I wore a purple baju kurung along with the shiny plkn shoes~ [wearing the heels really can BOOST UP ur confidence...for me-because of the 'ketak ketuk' sounds..haha]

hehe...muka oren cuak~..this 'tudung' really help me on aswering 
the question during the interview!~

Well, first of all we need to check our name at the board given where we can see the list name of all the candidates for that day. Checking2....the candidates were grouped to 5 each, and mine there was someone who doesn't attended, so it became 4. Three of them were chinese, and yet i'm the ONLY MALAY!!~~....i was like, WARGH~~...huuuuu..-haa...and only two candidates applying PERUBATAN TIMUR TENGAH on that day. I, and the other one was a boy. 

pondok untuk check nama

this is how the names listed. All you need to do here is search your name, jot down
 your interview room,time and panel, and dont forget the signature :)

can you see my name? haha. the only malay girl for perubatan timur tengah.

mine is panel 8, 11.55 a.m -12.40 pm

before that, I had a simple interview here with yang mulia abah~

Actually, when going there, you can see there's a lot of chinese and indian candidates, and only few malays. And MOST of them are brilliant ; speaking well also. ha..i always didnt get used to talk much even during my school years, so.....i think my interview got messed. Even when the question comes in malay~ i cannot answer well.... By the way, thankfully my group was doing very well yesterday, and the examiners also very warm, kind and friendly. So to friends who are going for interview, dont worry too much for the panels; they will not eat and tear you into pieces, contrarily, they will help you to answer well... that's what happened to me yesterday...

Before entering the room, I got to do some ice-breaking like that with my group. There were all chinese; two girls and one boy .. Well, they seems to be very2 friendly and also comforted me well before went for the interview. The girls; meiyin and mei yee (even the name is quite similar) were very nice :) both of them also went for NS before this-->same with me, while the other boy; wen xin is going to NS soon for the second batch..haha... like is was fated that i formed a group with them. >we are the ex-NSG< (National Service Group) :D Since I talk a lot with meiyin before entering the room, I felt much better. To be frank, I really didnt feel nervous or something like 'cuak' during the interview. Just maybe because it's the first time, so my mind went blank to search for the appopriate answer~ haha~...

The questions were quite easy and not killing lah.... Just 4 questions, so you can answer well. But there was one question that i cant answer because i didnt understand the meaning of the words. The question was: (haha..rase malu pulak)..

Q: As doctors and pharmacists, what social obligations that you can contribute to the society bla bla....(lebih kurang la)...
and my answer was..( dah la...amende SOCIAL OBLIGATIONS tu...??!!)

the losely-mind candidate (me) : For me, what is the most important is education. And I as a doctor would contribute myself, what I've learnt and my knowledge to teach the new doctors, so they can improve their service and serve well for the malaysian, without taking any payment from them.  
See,, tak ke merapu namenye.. I really didnt get the meaning of social obligations and I ended up with such a weird answer..(dah la jawab paling last, siap kene jemput ngan panel lagi tu untuk jawab sebab ak diam je..hehe..T,T )

What is the most important is your ability to sustain the examiners' interest on your story. If you story well, then they will listen well. Jadi, berbangga lah anda jika anda memang seorang yang mak joyah; bercakap tak henti-henti. Also, please show off yourself to make build a good impression on you. Tak perlu zuhud2 here. If you keep be shy, you will lost the chance.   And...THINK FAST because it show your confidence. Ok, that's all from me. Good luck~

the green intec~

and pray for my sake also ah...hehe :)

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apPLe said...

good luck kwn~~~~

jfook said...

All the best. =)

husna assaedah said...

i always pray for your success.. your succes is sliss succes too..u'r are sliss icon,,my friend,,take that amanah as spirit for u to go further ya.. god job!!~~

kiwi_baEk...! said...

oren..~~ insyaallah biiznillah.... moga2 dapat lah tu....amin~

oren_bulat~ said...

masehh a burden, tapi tula amanah...bende yg paling berat dalam dunia ni. Btw, i'll try to do my BEST!! Basha!!

baNanA(",) said...

wahhaaha...u r gorgeous my fren !

baNanA(",) said...

wahhaaha...u r gorgeous my fren !

Izzati hatta said...

Congrats! InsyaAllah you will make it to the final, overc :) -kak izzati-


nice experience to be shared! n u r brave too my dear.. for me, i did experience in that such 'kelakar' interview too, as your age long2 time ago.. tp kementerian punyer laa... mmg kelakar n ntah pa pe.. at last acik lawie terpilih utk 'waiting list' je... tunggu la kot2 ada yg tolak tawaran ada la peluang... but then mmg tak de yg tolak la tu... so mmg rezki dlm mesia je.

but 4 u nabil... i believed that u did it well n can sambung my dream!!

cayok nabil!!

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