Saturday, January 8, 2011

specially 4 u!

a poem made by one of our friends..
dia ksi kt lemon so lemon boleh share dgn sume.

i honestly enjoy all the times we had together,,
    but now i know that it all ends here,,
i wish all the memories we had are gathered,,
    so all of us would always feel near,,
i hope we could all make the future better,,
    cause we were once all in this TOGETHER..

miss you lots my friends

psnn dr author poem ni : kwn2 hyti mksud poem ni
                                     mmg x sbrpe x btrf dunie
                                     tp cukup bmkne bg ku n klu u all phm..bmkne bg u all juge~
                                     rindu saatsaat kita BERSAMA~

yg seterusnye hnyelah kte2 hikmat dr author poem yg sgt mnarik bg lemon
ini dy~

i love you
cause you are the greatest friend
i love you
cause you really understand
i love you
cause you are always you
and you make me feel me

klu korg phmkn mksud!! dlm seyh..
so enjoy sdikit pngisian ni yer~
sharing is caring :)

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